Our Admissions Process

At New Heights International Academy, the school year is divided into four terms plus two summer terms. We understand that all students may not be able to start classes around the same time during the year, therefore, we provide four admission start dates per year. Students will be able to start their classes at the beginning of any of the four semesters. We are aware that international students will need to have a permit if they will be studying for longer than 6 months in Canada and that different countries will have different academic calendars for their students. Keeping this in mind, the reason to admit students during multiple times a year would allow our international students to complete their schooling and studies accordingly.


*Reminder for International Students: You will need to have received our second and official Letter of Acceptance before you apply for a student visa/permit.

Step 1.

Completion/Submission of Application Forms and Documents

  • Students who wish to attend must complete the application form and provide all the required documents for admission. Students must also provide their most recent/updated school transcripts. These forms and documents can be sent to the school via email or mail.
    *International applicants must also submit a copy of their passport.

Step 2.

Submission of the Application Fee

  • Students should submit the fee in order to allow processing of their application.

Step 3.

Letter of Acceptance

  • We will review the applicant’s forms and documents along with the applicant’s school transcripts, and once accepted, we will send the first Letter of Acceptance (which can be used by our international applicants for document processing in their respective countries). Once the student has paid the full tuition and fees, they will receive and second and official Letter of Acceptance.

Step 4.

Application for Student Visa

  • Once the student has received our official Letter of Acceptance, they will use that to apply for a student visa/permit. (*Custodianship Letters may also be required for Visa application)

We shall process your admission and update you with our final decision within 60 days of receiving payment and all documentation.

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